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We think that without a real consultation

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We think that without a real consultation

Mesajde dameinshaor » Sâm Aug 03, 2019 4:51 pm

Provexum We think that without a real consultation of a gynecologist, and then a sexologist or a psychotherapist, it is not enough. Definitely need to eliminate or treat the physical causes of pain. If you had a trauma, rape, rough first intercourse, you should work through these problems with a good therapist or psychologist. Offense Should abandon sex in case of serious offense. You understand that if a partner has offended or offended you with something, you can hardly enjoy it. Your thoughts will most likely be occupied by something else. You can often hear the thought that after a quarrel - the coolest sex. But this is true for very temperamental personalities. Most women (and men) can not have sex directly after a quarrel. Moral offense is not smoothed out by physiological sensations. First reconcile with your man, and then enjoy the “hugs”. According to the psychologists, otherwise sex will be associated on a subconscious level with quarrels. And gradually, both partners will no longer enjoy sex. Condom rejection Often, men begin to assure a friend of their honesty and decency. Do not really believe this persuasion. Especially if the partner is not permanent. According to statistics, most women and men are not even aware of their diseases. Having sex without contraception is only necessary if you are regular partners and completely trust each other. Hygiene If your man is not paying enough attention to hygiene, this is the reason to refuse sex. Poor hygiene is not only a dubious smell that easily negates all sensations. But the real risk of the disease, violations of the microflora of the female vagina, inflammation. On oral sex with an unscrupulous man in general, forget. By the way, of all the senses — sense of smell, touch, taste, hearing and sight — the first is most important for sex. Critical days During menstruation, you are especially vulnerable to various infections: the cervical canal opens slightly. This contributes to the release of blood, but increases the risk of infection and the development of inflammatory processes. Sex can only aggravate your condition. If you decide on sex during menstruation, remember: even with a regular partner, it is better to protect yourself. The shower before and after also has not been canceled. Disease Some men simply do not understand that their persistence can lead to complications. But during cystitis and thrush (even with improved well-being), gynecologists advise women not to enter into sexual relationships.

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